Thursday, December 30, 2010

Temporary Library being readied

Library staff members are selecting books and other materials to move to the temporary downtown library at 538 Jefferson Street. This is the old "Jefferson Street Market" and will be the temporary home to our most popular library books and other collection items that are currently housed at Main. The computers from the Main Library will also be moved to the temporary facility. The temporary library will open in early 2011.

The existing 63,000 sq ft Main Library will undergo a complete renovation beginning in 2011. The entire facility must be vacated for the renovations to begin. Proposals were recently opened for temporary warehouse space; a decision on location is expected in early January 2011. The temporary warehouse will house that part of the library collection that cannot fit in the other libraries. The warehouse collection will be accessible via the online catalog. Patrons can request items and library staff will pull from the warehouse and send to the library of the patron's choice.

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